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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

thei'rs no class, no exams, and especially you can wake up late.
[[lurve it]] .Waking up to the sound of a lawnmower spending evryday with your bestprendz.The smell of chlorine in your hair.

WATER fights
HOT guyz

Pause the HOMEWORK
STOP the drama
PLAY the fun
FAST FORWARD throught the school year

Bonding with the Famiily.!Go to beach,
drinking alcoholic, swimming, island hopping,
taking pictures, wearing two-piece, wearing shadess.
and ETC.

And in SUMMER hindi lng mga beach,swimming
pwede ka ring mag basa ng mga libro,
join summer classes.

bonding with friends
window shopping
playing volleyball
playing badminton
playing computer games
watch movies...
and etc...

it can help you to make your || SUMMER || memorable


writtern @5:24 PM

march 11,2008
Saturday, March 14, 2009

AMAZING:]] making projectss..! make us stress.,
march 11,2008 dat day,is so unforgettable moment,.! me && my ader classmates went to yvette hauz to make our projects, && wen renielle our vice mayor.,told us,dat she forgot to buy the important things related to our projects.! They decided to buy dos things in ayala! so wen yvette ask permission to her mam.! Her mam will not allo
w her to go wid us.
Den all of us decided to half our grup....sam will stay to da h
auz..&&sam including me will buy dos things in ayala.!!
So wen we arrived at classmate louise txt me na where a
re u now?! we keep on waiting for u.!.and den we hurriedly find dos things in NBS..den they reply [[naglagut na jd xla ug huwat nin u]] . we eat only coke float in mcdo && fries in potato corner for our lunch
niah cla lami ayug kaon albertos.hahah.! suyaa mii.!sa
wen we arrived at yvette hauz,,la na jd m nla g tagad az in.den me ,renielle, ishal,,&&patrice da 4 of us decided na ad2 nlang m maghimo xa hauz nla nel.xo mao nto.

wen we buy sam "sud an in tindahan" hahahha.!

sam chuva chuva ek ek ek.pix.hahah.!

writtern @11:22 PM

Saturday, March 7, 2009

wer da magentha pamilie.!
were born to be chill, were not easy to find..were so much in common about our lives..but da most amazing tings is dat we realized dat were different. u haven't notices us, but we can be ur cloSe prendz..we can be anything,..we can be suprmaan,.batmaan...supeer were deffinetly da supeer humaan.,,ohh yes we lurve it.
weee.! ayt?! [[pahong jhud]] we lurve MR ONG && we know he loves us..cuz watever we do. hell' forgave us,.we studied in the school we called UNIVERSITY OF SAN CARLOS BASIC EDUCATION DEPARTMENT SOUTH CAMPUS were totally a fresh men [[ ohh a freshmen lypp ]] oh so fresh we lurve being a freshy..becuz of all the challenges in our lypp..
da trails everything.,we know were not the one that u called the perfect ones but wo is?! were not dat backstabz,drama king&& queen, spread sh*ts etc. but wat gives?! it doesn't mean dat it look lykk dat you'll judge us alredy..but wat ever u do were xtill da same.


writtern @4:19 PM

lurves our friendship

HE IS"T MY BOYPREND:! but i lurve his hugs,his smyll,his advise,
his kindness && the tymes wen we laugh togeteher,i guess i fell in lub
with our prendship.!

our laughs---[[limitless]]
our memories--[[countless]]
our friendship--[[endless]]
hahahha.! [[vega rah]]

weve known each other by CHANCE.,became prendz by CHOICE.!
xtill prendz by DECISION! && we say FRIENDS FOREVER dat's definitely
a lypptyme P>R>O>M>I>S>E!

all i can say is we ar lykk baloons.once i let him go
i can't get him bak, so i'm gonna tie him into my hart
so i never loose him.

hahahha.! we call each ader beybz.BUT ders a big BUT ehemmm.!
we ar not dat gf/bf [[ la lng nycee mng gud ang beybz ]]

[[[ laamat xa tnan beybz ]]] hahhahah.!

writtern @3:49 PM

::to my haters::

i keep it real and that's a promise,
I may be a B*tch but atleast i'm honest,
wen i walk by you stop and stare
well keep on looking cuz i don't care
i hab my own lypp && style
not trying to please you, or make u smyll:}]
wen it cams to competition u are out!!
now shut up u hatin aZZ
&& lastly,keep me out op ur mouth
cuz i ain't a D*UCK

[[[ ang maigo mamatai ]]]
peace yoh.!

writtern @4:43 AM